Special Needs Animals 

Meet Dually

Dully came into Little Lotus Rescue with his hind legs so severely mangled and with infections so rampant, that both hind legs and tail were removed to save his life. They don’t come much more sweet than this little red head. Because of his unique circumstances, his needs are also quite unique. He rotates time in his wheelchair with time without (wheel chairs are not meant for full time use and become uncomfortable after a couple hours). With Dually using his body in a way that his body wasn’t built for, taking care of his back, skin, and muscles are extremely important. His bff and roommate is cocoa, who came into the rescue together.

Meet Lotus

Lotus has changed all of us. She has taught us just how resilient dogs are. When we met her she was unresponsive. We we watching an animal die a death that had taken her months to experience through excruciating neglect. Her nose had fallen off, and her body had given up on her ears and those were dried and falling by the time she was transferred into LLR. Lotus was so emaciated that her bones physically came through her skin exposing bones and soft tissue.

It took months of bandage changes. A battery of diagnostics. Physical therapy.

Today Lotus is a Happy Feisty Attention Hog of a girl. She loves nothing more than to be in your personal bubble and demand attention all. day. long.

She lived through her horrific life and is now thriving on her second chance but that time truly destroyed her body. She requires physical therapy, joint support and regular anti inflammatories to stay sound and active.

Meet Willow

Willow came into LLR because her legs had been mutilated. Both hind legs were tragically removed midway leaving her with only stumps. X-rays too revealed that she also has a fractured spine. Because of the way she has compensated over time, her back is too fragile to put her into a wheelchair and she is not a candidate for prosthesis. She has seen numerous veterinarians, including orthopedic specialists, and the concesus is: support her body and let her show us how she prefers to move.

Meet Cocoa

Cocoa is where the party is. always. She was found dragging her body in the streets and surrendered by a good samaritan. When we met her she still had bones in her feet visible from where the tops of her feet drug behind her. N0W this silly silly girl can run with the best of them-even though she always chooses Dually.